Friday, June 4, 2021

Getting Back into the Groove

It has been a long time, and for that, I apologize. I am not really sure if anyone really looks at this but when I wrote different articles, I have a lot of fun. As I get back into streaming and actually have time to work on everything, I am starting to get into this more. The things I really wanted to blog about and let everyone know why things are the way they are, I can not. So, I have been limited to certain things. I have no clue if certain people are using the articles against me, which they have before, so I very much limited myself on here. 

As things start easing away, I will start back to writing. It has really helped me. I just didn't want what I wrote to be used to cause me harm. 

But the good news is, I am back and ready to get this thing really started. I have started up my streaming channels and started back up Knights Gaming Order. So if you would like to join that, let me know. 

Excited to back in on this and get to writing again!