Friday, September 25, 2020

Xbox Just Bought Bethesda

Can you believe the title of this post? By now, this is old news but I wanted to take some time for the dust to settle before I really dove into this. Microsoft agreed to enter into an agreement with ZeniMax and all its subsidiaries. Think about what this means. Microsoft would own the franchises to Doom, Quake, Rage, Dishonored, Prey, Wolfenstein, The Evil Within, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls Online. This is crazy ridiculous.

This was probably all started after a lot of PlayStation fanboys were talking about how Xbox did not have any great first-party exclusives. Now, I play both and I would have to agree. The only reason why I do have a PlayStation is that I like their stories. I think Horizon Zero Dawn was a masterpiece and I am looking forward to the new game. I like Xbox franchises, as well. Gears of War is probably my favorite. But I objectively see the point. There really aren't really any story-driven franchises in Xbox Game Studios. Unless you count the ones the bought from other game studios. I am probably going to get a little bit of slack for that comment but I can understand the sentiment. At least not a game like Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us. 

So, what does this all mean? Obviously, Xbox would have the right to all these franchises and ZeniMax Media would now become a part of Xbox Game Studios. There are a few more possible outcomes as well. Todd Howard stated thus far, there were no exact plans to keep at least Bethesda games Xbox exclusive. However, I see this as a statement to quell the masses who are not on Xbox. I originally thought this was a move by Xbox to have ZeniMax IPs at least exclusive on Game Pass, but  I think, judging how Xbox treats Xbox Game Studio subsidiaries, Zenimax is going to be all Xbox/Microsoft exclusive. I do believe they will continue to support games that are on other platforms, but for all future releases, will just be Xbox.

What do you think is going to end up happening? Do you think ZeniMax will be exclusive or continue to create games for other platforms? Do you think this is a bad or good idea? Let me know in the comments. Thank you and Happy Gaming!

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