Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Buser Family Cross Country Road Trip: Part 3

Well everyone, this is the last post to our cross country road trip. I have been in North Carolina for a couple of weeks and feel really bad I just got around to finishing it. Been quite busy since I got here but here it is. The finale!

After leaving Rapid City, South Dakota, we went to a couple of other Kampground of America sites. To be completely honest, nothing particularly awesome happened at these locations. Just like clockwork, my daughter screamed bloody murder about one hour into an average of a six hour ride and said "I am done with this car seat." Pretty funny to say the least. Each place we went we stay for a night. We stopped at Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Newton, Iowa, and Greenfield, Illinois. Once we got to Gatlinurg, Tennessee though, we stayed for a couple of days before making our trek over the Smokies and into North Carolina.

Once we got to Tennessee, we did a few activities but nothing special. We ate an awesome BBQ joint on the first day. We got there later in the afternoon, so we basically just ate and went to bed. In the morning we made our way up to a ranch to ride horse and ATVs.

We got there late to ride horses. Believe it or not we needed to be there basically when it opened but were able to ride the ATVs. Below are some pictures from the ride. We had a lot of fun doing this. It just sucks we were not able to ride the horses.

The Buser Family after stopping at a hill to get a picture.

Believe it or not Riley was excited to ride the ATV, although,
she did hold on for dear life!

We had no idea what to do after this and just went exploring around Gatlinburg and Pidgeon Forge. There are strips of arcades and fun things to do all over the place. We decided to go to a go-cart/arcade and take the carts for a spin. Weston and I got in a cart, while Hillary and Riley got into a another. That was loads of fun and the first time I ever drove a go-cart. I wished Weston could drive it but he was too little. Afterwards, we got ice-cream at Rita's Italian Ice and then got dinner. Super fun-filled day. We woke up the next day and made our way to Fort Bragg, North Carolina!

Thanks for following through this adventure with my family and I. We had a lots of fun. There were many instances where I wanted to scream, but Hillary heled me handle those issues with the kids. We won't be taking a long drive like this for quite a bit, but whenever we go camping, which should be soon, we will post it here. As always, follow the blog and comment and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!

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