Sunday, August 23, 2020

Post Move Update

I am on here to update everyone on the comings and goings after moving. We have settled into our new home into North Carolina. Weston has started school and I have begun to transition into my new work assignment. Things have gotten quite busy and that is why I am here writing this article. 

My new job has me going 100mph. That is 161 kph for my metric readers. I have not had a lot of time to myself. When I get home, I am passed out within an hour of getting home. I am up at like 4 am. It is crazy! I do feel accomplished, however, it is just messing up my time I have on here to write articles. I wanted to start streaming and it has gotten harder to do as well. 

I am writing that review to Ghost of Tsushima, which should be done today. The issue I am having is trying to remain relevant. I am not going to get any attention if I am only writing less than six articles a month. I need to be writing upwards of 20. I think in order to fix this and get more things out, I need to use the blog as a almost daily journal as well. Really hit up that life category. I could have posted a bunch about my cooking as well and totally spaced out on it. I also have plenty of school papers I can use to bring other points across as well. Might start looking into those. Oh, and YouTube!

Regardless, it is my fault this is not updated as much as it should, but I can blame work for that as well. I know I have apologized many times in the past but gotta stop making excuses. Thank you for being with me so far and hopefully you stick around even more!

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