Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Buser Family Cross Country Road Trip: Part 2

Oh my God. This post took so long to do but it is finally here. I greatly apologize for not posting sooner. I finally got to North Carolina and immediately got busy with work. But here is part two of The Buser Family Road Trip!

After leaving Yellowstone National Park, our next stop was Mount Rushmore. We were unable to stop at The Little Bighorn Battlefield due to oversleeping and my daughter being rowdy. However, it did not take us long to get to South Dakota where Mount Rushmore is located. We had to drive through a nice little tourist town, I believe it was called Keystone. More on that later. But here are the pictures you were really waiting for. The pictures of Mount Rushmore. 

So, after finally getting to Mount Rushmore, here are my thoughts on the whole thing. Please feel free to disagree with me. Keep in mind we did not go at night and therefore did not see everything lit up. Even though it does pay homage to some of ou greatest presidents, Mount Rushmore and the town of Keystone is a huge tourist trap. If you look up the history to Mount Rushmore, the creator designed it to be a tourist trap in order to get people to come to South Dakota. My wife and I did not think this was worth it besides in passing. Parking is $10 unless you are military or work in another federal department. It was just not worth making a huge trip for or the main reasoning behind your trip. Helicopter tour would have been cool but we did not have the time or money.

Thanks for reading and sorry this took forever. I am posting more and more as time goes on. Part 3 and our conclusion on the trip will be tomorrow. Consider subscribing and comment!

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