Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Buser Family Cross Country Road Trip: Part 1

I did not get on here to say we started the road trip but we did start the trip. For those who do not know what is going on, I am in the Army and I received orders to North Carolina. We were living in Washington and now have a cross country road trip. It is me, my wife, and two kids. We are also pulling a 33-foot fifth wheel as well. The hardest part was getting from the Seattle/Tacoma area to Yellowstone in the first stretch. I am pleased to report we did just that and safely I might add. Once we got here though, I was knocked out! I was falling asleep in the shower! Army training sure does come in handy, though.

Now, I would like to share my pictures with you all. I will be posting some of the best pictures and videos each day, while also explaining the day and what we thought of everything. My wife and I both took pictures but I will be using mostly mine. If a picture is small and you want to see a bigger size, simply click on the picture and it should bring you to another window with an enlarged photo.

Yellowstone National Park is divided into basically two loops: an upper and lower loop. The largest of the loops is the southern one and this is where Old Faithful is located. We decided to tackle this one first. There are many entrances, but we went through the west gate. As we started to head south to Old Faithful, we stopped at a portion in the river we can get out in.

The river we stopped at.

We took the time to take a few photo-ops. I did a little bit of editing so the one with the kids looks really awesome!

The kids in the water

My wife and I

We got back in the truck and kept on moving. We saw beautiful scenery! More rivers, animals, and geysers. Animals and geysers I will show you in a bit. I have better pictures later in the day than what I took here at this point.

So cool with their sunglasses!
We need to take a second and look at just how cute my kids are! Riley was certainly on a mission and Weston is all smiles. Both of them loved being here. They were knocked out by the end of the day. You can tell they are tired because they get very cranky and unruly. The also fell asleep in the second half of the day. I really can not blame them. I was honestly very tired as well. But let's keep going!

Anyway, we start heading south on the larger loop, and as I said, there were plenty of things to see. Plenty of animals and other sights to see. The Grand Prismatic Lake is a great stop to see. There are other geysers and hot springs like I previously mentioned, so make sure you take a few to explore these as well. You can get closer to these, unlike Old Faithful. There are also mud springs, which are pretty cool to look at. But we wanted to see the big daddy of all geysers in Yellowstone: Old Faithful. You will ride into a sort of lodge area. There is a restaurant and a general store. If you are feeling hungry, this is a good place to stop and also to get gifts, but be prepared on the prices. It is tourist prices. If you are low on gas, you can also fill up here as well. There was plenty of information to let you know the next time Old Faithful was supposed to erupt and it is usually pretty exact. My advice for you on this would to be seated and ready to go at least 15 minutes earlier than what the time says. They do tell you to have a 15-minute buffer, but depending on if you want to sit or not, getting there early would help you get a seat. I will be posting a picture here and placing a video in the end of the trip YouTube video I am planning on making. You might be thinking, "who cares," but this is simply a marvel of the earth you really need to experience. It is mind-blowing what the earth can do.

Old Faithful

At this point, we really saw everything we had to see at Yellowstone. We haven't even got past the half-way point on the lower loop, but we honestly only had the day to experience Yellowstone. We just did not have the time. We decided to just roll in the truck and see what we got into. We drove Yellowstone Lake and got out of the truck and took some pictures. Afterward, we headed north to make our way into Hayden Valley. This is where we saw some of the best animal scenes and got some wonderful pictures. This next picture was simply amazing but the edits I think just made it even better. I am sure you will agree.

Awesome picture of buffalo

So after this picture, I really wanted to see a herd but we have only been seeing a few buffalos here and there. I was complaining quite a bit. I heard stories about herds blocking traffic for hours and even though that sounded really bad, I wanted to check it out. Well, I got my wish! And they never blocked the road. Check this awesome picture out!

Buffalo Herd

I don't know if you can see this very well, but this is a huge herd! Again, click on the pictures if you are needed to see it better. It was an awesome sight to see. There were old and young buffalos. There were even wrestling with each other. You could see the dust getting kicked up! Riley was thrilled to see the "baby bison." She wanted to get close and pet them!

Once we got back into the truck, we finished the northern part of the lower loop and started to make our way on the west side of the upper loop. The eastern portion of the upper loop was shut down. That was the way we wanted to go, but we enjoyed plenty of new sites on the northern side of the upper loop. There are drives on all sections you can detour on. They offer new sights to see or hiking trails and are worth checking out. They will put you back on the main road. We were on our way to Mammoth Hot Springs. It was a beautiful ride that my wife and I enjoyed. This is when the kids were knocked out so we got to spend some quality time together. It was pretty late but still light outside. The Mammoth Hot Springs, I think, is another must-see. They are some beautiful rock formations that spew hot water and the minerals have made beautiful rock formations. They are mostly named after Greek and Roman goddesses. Here is an example of one of the pretty rock formations.

At Mammoth Hot Springs

We also saw many elks at this location. We also have a couple of pictures and videos of them but like Old Faithful, I will put those in the end of the trip video because Riley was pretty funny with them. There were also some other pictures that captured plenty of awesome things on this trip but they just didn't come out great. We saw two brown bears for example, but people in the way taking pictures and our angle did not produce decent enough pictures for me to post. People did get in the way of some pictures, lighting messes some up, and my poor picture/video taking skills also contributed to the way they came out. Overall though, this was an amazing trip and I hope everyone has a chance to see it! My next blog post concerning this trip will be from our adventures at Mount Rushmore. We were supposed to see Little Bighorn and Custer's Last Stand but just could not make it in time. If we have time as we make our way to Mount Rushmore, I will stop and take pictures, but as of the writing of this post, I do not think that will happen.

At the end of our trip, I will be editing together a video of all the best things we did. All the best pictures and videos of the trip! Be sure to be ready for that! I will also periodically post our Roadtrippers link. I will be posting pretty much every single picture and video in there. This blog will serve as a highlight of the adventure. If you liked the content, please consider following the blog to see more. Looking forward to your comments! Thank you.

Someone was tired and we just started the trip!


  1. Andrew this is so awesome you’re documenting your travels. Love yall❤️

  2. Awesome pictures. Making wonderful memories. Love you