Saturday, June 27, 2020

Super Quick Update

I just wanted to touch base with everyone here. I know I haven't written much this past week. It has been a little busy around here. Remember, we have that cross-country move going on and the military likes to complicate things a little bit. Turns out we might not be leaving the time we wanted to leave and that is causing some stress in the family as we have to change a lot of our plans.

To complicate things a little more, I also had a  major school assignment that took a lot of my time away. I am in the last few days of the course and only have a paper to do. This should move along pretty quickly. The paper is only a few pages. I have knocked out ten pagers in a little under a day. No biggie there.

Finally, the last big thing is my website. There are some coding issues on the website that I have been trying to figure out and fix. There are some issues with the headers as well. I was trying to place drop-down menus inside dropdown menus and that just wasn't happening. I am trying to clean it up but every time I do, it creates even more coding issues. So, I will be creating static boxes and having everything within the boxes. Might be a little ugly but it fixes the issues. It is just taking some time.

Yep, those are the issues I am facing. If anyone can help me with the coding, it would be amazing. I am probably going to hire someone to help me with that if I can not get it myself or anyone can help. I am also thinking about changing the logos so I can make merch out of it. But, that might take me some time. I will be posting a few articles over the weekend. Stay tuned for those. Thanks again!

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