Monday, June 8, 2020

Major Updates

Hello all! Thanks again for sticking with me and this blog so far. Today is a big update and I am happy to share it with you now. Within the last 24 hours, The Buser Report has been branded! That means we opened up a whole lot of opportunities. This is the break down of what happened:

  • Patreon created so people can donate
  • Community members are now known as "Boozers"
  • Official Discord has been set up
  • Subreddit has also been created
  • Facebook is set up
  • YouTube is live and the first video posted

Below is a list of all the external sites so far associated with The Buser Report:

Site -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Pinterest -
Patreon -
Reddit -
YouTube -
Email me -

This means over the next week (I have a heavy school assignment due so it may hinder the website development and future posts) I will be updating the site to be a little more friendly in displaying this information. As you can see now, social media and other external sites are in the right column. I will be moving them to their own page. I will also be creating something so I can show off the new Discord. 

I highly recommend you join the Discord at and/or the Patreon. Both will help me out. The Patreon will help me and this brand become more professional. This benefits me and it benefits you. I would really appreciate it. 

Continue to share, like, comment, follow, subscribe, etc to all content! I love you all for it! Thanks for sharing this adventure with me and looking forward to seeing where The Buser Report takes us!

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