Monday, June 8, 2020

Let's Play - Wanted: Weapons of Fate Part 1 (Xbox 360)

Hey all! A big aspect of my site is going to be let's play, so I decided to reupload a past let's play from my personal YouTube account to The Buser Report one. You will notice that the links and information mentioned in the video are not accurate. You will have to look in the description for the current and updated links to all the sites. 

If you notice the Patreon information at the actual site, you will see I want to produce more professional-grade content. You can see just how unprofessional this video actually is, so I will be used to improve the quality of the videos. We would be using intros, outros, and other good bites. So, please consider becoming a Patron. Thanks for watching!

Video Description:

Wanted: Weapons of Fate playthrough and let's play!

This takes place after the events in the movie. In this episode of Wanted: Weapons of Fate, we find out some information about our past and kill a bunch of wannabe SWAT agents. This is a reupload from my personal YoutTube channel. I am consolidating videos on The Buser Report.

Note: Any link mentioned in the video is probably not active. Please scroll down at the bottom of the description for up to date links! Thank you!

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