Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Welcome to The Buser Report

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Buser Report is now officially live. I finished up the static pages and bought the domain name. I saw that as the last two steps needed to get this website going and since I did, I can officially open the flood gates.

So what exactly is The Buser Report? If you read my other posts, you know I had a blog/website titled The Rare Longitude Papers. The blog was similar to how I manage The Buser Report but I wanted to make this new one more personal. I will be posting content on this page that interests me, with my thoughts, and with my analysis. This could include a plethora of ideas ranging from sports, gaming, politics, international relations, history, and life. Any and all topics will be discussed so long as I have a interest in them. This will enable me to focus on the writing and analysis and less on finding topics. I plan on posting once per day but there are many times where this may not happen due to work and home life priorities. Also, the idea here is to post meaningful content. I am not going to lie; I am trying to make a living off of this website as well. I hope my writing and analysis will be featured in other mediums and discussed around the world. I believe it is important for ideas to be pushed out in the world.

I have a lot of endeavors in the future and would like to use this website as a stepping stone and platform for those projects. I used to stream video games on Twitch and then switch to Mixer since I primarily game on Xbox. I also have a YouTube channel that predominately featured video game walkthroughs. I plan on getting back into that and using The Buser Report as a platform to host. You might have noticed the labels on the D. Va video. I also would like to create a podcast to work in conjunction with The Buser Report. Again, it would be hosted here as well. A video of the podcast would also follow. So, my future ideas for the site to complement it are:>

  • streaming
  • YouTube Channel
  • podcast

Not sure how this will get started as I am still in the planning phases for it but I know these will be needed to grow the content. 

Please, check out the site, discuss the posts, and do not hesitate to ask me anything. I love talking with people and enjoy friendly discussions. It is the only way I will grow as a person, as well. Looking forward to your subscribing to all my content here and other places on the internet. I will always make sure I post links so you can find everything. Thank you again and enjoy looking into the mind of Andrew as you browse The Buser Report.

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