Monday, May 25, 2020

Quick Update!

I have finally surpassed 150,000 Gamerscore! I took me forever but I finally have done it. I surpassed it playing the new game, Maneater. This game lets you play as a shark. Yes, you play as a shark from the start of a pup and all the way to a full-grown elder shark.

I will use this game as a way to test my gaming review criteria. Not too sure how I am going to rate and score. I will most likely use 1 through 10 scores. I may try to include a trophy or ribbon system as well. I would like to use this to test how I would score other things as well, such as movies, TV, sports, etc. For gaming, I think I will use gameplay, replay value, story, atmosphere, or something similar. I do not think I will score graphics because there are some good games that don't have cutting-edge graphics. We will see though.

Stay tuned here soon for the review of Maneater. I will be posting some pictures and videos as well. I even have a five-minute video rendering on Xbox Live of a straight-up kill session. It was awesome. reviews and media will be coming soon!

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