Thursday, May 14, 2020

My Political Compass

We live in a world where politics are used in numerous discussions. They have gotten to the point where they dictate (sometimes) who were are and what we are about. Eventually, more and more of my thoughts are going to come out, so I would like to take the time to show people my political leanings so as it will not be a surprise later in discussions. I took two tests. One test was with the Pew Research Center and the other was taken on a site called The Political Compass. These are probably the best political tests I have taken but I still think they fall short on their intention. I would like to share what they said about me.

According to the test I took which was on the Pew Research Center site, I am what they call a "core conservative." I have never heard this term before so I was quite interested in what they had to say about it. Below is a direct quote from their website that states what is exactly a core conservative.
This overwhelmingly Republican group holds conservative attitudes across a wide range of issues, especially in their support for smaller government. Core Conservatives are deeply skeptical of the social safety net and favor lower tax rates on corporations and high-income individuals. While they are divided on whether immigrants do more to strengthen or burden the country, Core Conservatives offer far more positive views of immigrants than do Country First Conservatives. Core Conservatives are relatively upbeat about national conditions and a majority says that the United States “stands above” all other nations in the world.
I really did not like this test because they only gave you two answers. These were simple answers and it was evident it was only looking at what a Republican and a Democrat would say. It did not allow you to provide any justification. I think it fell short and did not provide an accurate representation of who I was as a person.

The other test was The Political Compass. Below is a screenshot of the results I received after taking this test. As you can see, I am more of a centrist, but I lean right and towards the Libertarian sides of the spectrum. They offered to break down the results of the test if I paid some money, but I could not do so. I think a few searches on the Internet could explain just much.

I liked this test better as they gave me more than one answer to choose from, however, they were only agree/disagree answers and did not provide an option to explain myself or provide justification. This is the problem with an online test in general as the test needs to be simple and simple results will be provided. It also assumes if I believe the same in every situation, but as an intelligent human being, I understand situations are all different and require a higher level of thinking and analysis than a black and white answer.

From my experience, it is very hard to place someone in a group based on ideals as complicated as the ones usually discussed in politics. I also do not understand why we even try to play the identity politics game. While I believe I am more center-right in my thinking I only identify as Republican because that is where the majority of my ideas align and I want to influence primary elections. I still do not think I am a true Republican, but I would certainly classify myself as more of a conservative.

Political parties, in my opinion, have destroyed the unity we used to have as a nation. We have lumped set standards and rules within these parties instead of utilizing both the liberal and conservative ideas to better the country. This will be a topic for another day though.

I am interested in seeing what you scored and where you lie. I do not like to view this as a Democrat/Republican point of view but a liberal/conservative one. You can find the links below:

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