Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Is Crytek Hinting at Ryse: Son of Rome 2?

I am taking a quick break on writing up the reviews to Maneater and Minecraft Dungeons to share some very interesting finds. Earlier today, the Twitter account of Ryse: Son of Rome said this:
Followers of the handle, including myself, went into a frenzy of a possible sequel. The reasoning being, what need for Crytek to update the website if they were not about to discuss the possibility of a sequel? The Twitter handle is only used (or at least I can find) to promote sales on Steam and the Microsoft store.  So, you can see why everyone right now thinks they might be getting ready to release a new game in the franchise for the Xbox Series X. If you recall, Ryse was a launch title for the Xbox One on November 22, 2013. You can see the pattern here.

Cevat Yerli, director for the game, stated Ryse: Son of Rome was not intended to be a one and done game. It was supposed to be part of a new franchise. However, reports circulated that Ryse 2 was cancelled due to conflicts between Microsoft and Crytek. It was reported Microsoft wanted to own the rights to the franchise and take over the intellectual property to provide funding for Crytek. Crytek did not agree to these terms and thus, the game was cancelled. Yerli cam out saying the game was not cancelled, adding the relationship between Crytek and Microsoft was still a positive one.

Are we going to see a new Ryse game? Only time will tell. My assessment, however, is the pattern of Ryse being a launch title and the update to the website indicates a possible announcement in the future. We could very well see another Ryse launch title. Tell me what you think. Did you like Ryse? Would you buy a sequel? Thanks for reading!

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